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Chloramphenicol Sodium
Each Vial contains:
Chloramphenicol Sodium B.P  
Equivalent to Chloramphenicol   1 mg
Ciropred 0.5
Each Vial contains:
Methyl Prednisolne U.S.P  
Sodium Succinate    
Eq.To. Methyl Prednisolone   500 mg
Each ml contains:
Phenytoin Sodium B.P 50 mg
Propylene Glycol B.P 40%w/v
Ethanol B.P 10%v/v
Water for injection   q.s.
Citrama (Tramadol Injection)
Each ml contains:
Tramadol Hydrochloride B.P. 50 mg
Fluphenazine Deconate
Each ml contains:
Fluphenazine decanoate B.P 25 mg
Sesame Oil B.P 0.975 ml
Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate
Each vial contains:
Hydrocortisone sodium B.P.  
Eq to Hydrocortisone   100 mg
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