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Ciron’s mission is to develop/outsource pharmaceutical products with a focus on improving existing drugs or optimizing future drug candidates.

The Ciron Group of Companies is proud to introduce itself as one-stop source for all the formulation needs.

Our business model seeks to bridge the gap that exists today between the Pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s, based in USA and leading Pharmaceutical Companies in India, having state of the art manufacturing units with cGMP compliance as per the 21CFR. We view this as an underserved segment within the pharmaceutical industry that we intend to exploit profitably. By leveraging the expertise that resides with our partners, development companies and CROs, our business model allows us to be nimble and flexible, while enabling faster and more economical product development.

The strategic business focus of Ciron, in the short-to-medium term, is on the co-development of generic pharmaceuticals for commercialization in the US market and/or contract manufacturing for Pharmaceutical companies based in USA. Ciron seeks to enter into a strategic partnerships and alliances with high-quality and strategic vision based emerging and leading companies that specialize in one or more areas of drug development and manufacturing. The drug development activities may range from bulk drug synthesis, analytical methods development and validation, formulation and process development, stability/testing and commercial manufacturing of the finished dosage forms.
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