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Ciron Pharmaceuticals Inc. (“Ciron”) a USA based pharmaceutical company manufacturing all quality pharmaceutical formulations through Ciron Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., a WHO GMP certified manufacturing unit located in India.

CIRON is widely involved in new generation antibiotics, generic formulations, liquid orals and dietary supplements. With multi-dimensional business activities as a background Ciron manufactures only the high-grade whole vitamins and highly absorb-able nutrients are used.

An independent, world class manufacturing facilities helps CIRON to supply in the various permitted/suitable dosages and in required pack sizes in the form of small volume liquid parenterals, dry powder injectables, tablets (uncoated, sugar coated, enteric coated, film coated, chewable, lozenges, sustained release and dispersible forms), capsules, dry syrups, liquid orals, sterile eye drops and ear drops and topical lotions for external applications.

CIRON’S modern manufacturing units have an independent quality control department and a maintained research & development unit. Professionally qualified team for different sections like Production, Research & Development and Marketing ensures quality products with international standards maintained.

An all inclusive and comprehensive product quality is surely assured and is tested thoroughly at different stages like -procurement, production, packing and distribution. The company has an in-house quality control department which has modern testing facilities for quality and hygienic packaging. The company, since the time of its inception, has been constantly striving to provide technological superiority, high quality products at best competitive prices.

GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Standards followed by CIRON Plants include WHO GMP norms laid down by the World Health Organization, as well as cGMP norms laid down in the "Revised Schedule M" by the Drug Controller (General) India, Ministry of Health, and Government of India.

Salient Features:-
Dispensing of materials under an SS reverse laminar flow
Separate air handling units for every production departments, in addition to air conditioning with 3 micron filtration to ensure absolute product purity
Individual compression and coating cabins with separate air handling units to avoid cross contamination
Well equipped Quality Control Laboratory with modular furniture including H.P.L.C. Microbiology & Sterility area under class 10,000.
Separate double skin AHV's for vial/ampoule washing, sterilization, buffer zone and airlocks, filling areas confirming to class D, C, & B.
Separate AHV for powder filling area
State of art vial / plastic dropper filling / sealing line for untouched operation.
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